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All the trademarks and tools reported belong to the legitimate owners; third-party trademarks, product names, commercial names, corporate names and companies reported could be trademarks belonging to or registered by other entities, and are used with an illustrative purpose and to the benefit of its owner, without violating any Copyright law. All the content reported in this website belongs to CSI Studio and/or the companies represented; Italian and European copyright laws are applicable; texts collected from other sources are also protected by copyright laws and belong to the their legal owners. All the information and contents (texts, graphics, pictures, tools) reported are, at the best of our knowledge, of public domain; if any material either protected or breaching the law is unintentionally published, we kindly ask you to inform us and we will take care of removing it. CSI Studio has no responsibility concerning the websites accessible through the links present on this website; even with these pages, CSI Studio does not intend to breach any copyright. On the website, you have the right to access, copy, print and distribute the documents reported after accepting the following rules: you will not amend documents, technical information, images and any part of the website; you will not distribute or copy exhibits and images detached from the accompanying text and you will not quote any content outside of its context; your rights constitute only use license and no transfer of ownership. It is agreed that CSI Studio can revoke such authorization at any time and, as soon as you will receive the communication, you will immediately stop your activities related to such authorization. It is allowed a limited right revocable and not exclusive to create links to the websites of the domain studiosalvato.eu as long as CSI Studio and its products and services are not reported in an incorrect way. CSI Studio has the reserve to apply any amendment to the following terms and conditions at its own discretion.

Disclaimer PrimeGlobal

CSI Studio is an independent firm member of PrimeGlobal, a global network of audit and consulting firms.
PrimeGlobal is not capable to offer all professional services to its clients.
Every independent member of PrimeGlobal is a separate legal entity.
PrimeGlobal is not a partnership but an independent member, the firms act not as PrimeGlobal's nor other firms' agents.

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